Who are we?

It is not surprising that medical services are always busy and need additional help for billing insurance claims. The medical industry is the most important for humanity, therefore, it must be convenient, fast, and quality. Billing is an integral part of any business, including non-emergency medical transportation, healthcare, and homecare companies. The correct system of transfers, reimbursements, and insurance claims is a sign of a successful company. We believe in helping medical projects to get better.

Our Claimgenix project is a powerful billing software product. All-inclusive, quality, convenient, with 24/7 support, Claimgenix is the best option for any medical service. Our goal is to improve the performance and productivity of medical services and bring them to the ideal. 

Our tool gives you a lot of useful opportunities and advantages. For instance, you can forget about paper documentation. Our tool will provide you with comfortable use and access to information about money transactions at any time. By the way, you can also upload and download information whenever you want. We keep your data secure with our HIPAA-compliant software, so you should not worry about information leakage. You can constantly contact us to find out any information. 

Our easy-to-use software product is indispensable for such companies as non-emergency medical transportation, healthcare, or homecare. Be sure that you can make your life easier and save money, raise your rating, reduce costs, increase income and avoid problems with billing with Claimgenix. We believe to improve the productivity of medical services to bring benefit for them. Try the demo version to make sure in need of our billing software.

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