If you want to increase the website traffic of your business, and shared hosting can no longer cope with the tasks, then you need VPS. What to look for when choosing a VPS, and what pitfalls exist – this is our article.

What is a VPS?

VPS is a virtual server that resides on a powerful physical server. Unlike VDS, server virtualization is implemented at the kernel level of the physical server operating system. The most commonly used virtualization platforms are OpenVZ and Virtuozzo. These platforms do not allow changing the kernel of the operating system. Of course, the kernel and root operating system have to be changed very rarely, and this is a feature of using VPS.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is a service that combines the functions of a virtual server and web hosting. For the client, this means that no matter which tariff plan is chosen, the client is provided with a guaranteed set of system resources (amount of RAM, processor power, disk and network speed). You do not need to share resources with another site, as it happens on a shared hosting.

Who are the typical users of VPS hosting?

  • Large online stores
  • Owners of a large corporate portal that provides an employee with remote access to mail or corporate web services
  • Copyright blogs or content websites with high traffic of 1,000 or more per day

HostZealot provides a quality Visa VPS server hosting. The provider has its own data center, which guarantees data security. In addition, a lot of tariffs are available to the client.

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