Team Building Training
team building training programmes

For a team building training event to be successful it needs to have a focus, it is not just about having a good time;  the event needs to produce results and real changes for the better, in order to ensure the team gel longer term and to ensure the team building training meets its objectives.

KL Consultancy work with you to understand what you really want from your team building event. What are your challenges? What are the issues that you face? We take time to understand the dynamics of your group as well as the personalities and create a team building training program that will deliver results.

Our unique approach to team building ensures we can deliver and exceed your expectations. Our team building training events are based around understanding one another better. We use a personality profiling tool to help the team understand both themselves and the rest of their team. This is supported by enjoyable team building activities and challenges that enable the group to learn about working together whilst having fun.

This interactive and entertaining approach to team building, results in the team creating stronger bonds. They learn something about each other and how to work more effectively together in the longer term – enabling real changes.

Benefits of our team building approach.

  • A team building event that delivers real results
  • An understanding of each other’s personality types
  • A fun and enlightening day
  • A foundation stone that the team can build on
  • Value added personality profile reports for each team member
  • A memorable event
  • A sustainable approach to team building

Why might you want to build your team?

  • Works well for project teams
  • To help a dysfunctional team
  • To help a team manage change
  • To show your employees how much you value your them

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