How to protect your VPS server from DDoS-attacking?

To keep your project in order, you need to know how to avoid problems with hacking, especially if you are the owner of a popular site or application. Many people who are ill-wishers want to lower your rate and try to use the DDoS-attacks. It is necessary not only to determine it but also to protect your system and avoid problems with information leaks. Today’s article is going to be about the ways of protecting your server from DDoS-attacking. 

How to avoid problems with hacking?

If you want to create a successful project, you need to be able to avoid hacking problems. There are several tips, which can help you, in this case:

  1. Use only the VPS which is protected from DDoS-attacks. DDoS-Mitigation is included in such servers. It has solid firewalls, which can stop the attack. Such servers have a high protection level and can help you to avoid problems. By the way, VPS in Spain ( can provide you 24/7 support;
  1. Consider the state of your server. Sometimes hackers use net-bots and volumetric attacks, they send fake messages and overload the system, therefore, the server starts to fail. It is normal to have increased activity on the server when there is an influx of buyers or discounts. But if not, the strange activity can mean DDoS-attacking, so be careful;
  1. Don’t wait for the finish of DDoS-attacking. People can get all your secret information and hack the whole server. Take different measures. Try to block strange IP-addresses, contact your server provider for support, and the best way is to order a specialist who will keep a stable server. 

As you can see, DDoS-attacking can destroy your server, therefore, monitor the server status to avoid information leaks and prevent other people from interfering with your project. If you need quality 24/7 support, take into account the

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