How to furnish a house in Art Deco style?

Today there are lots of various interior styles. But which of them are popular? Everyone wants to see their home modern, beautiful, and comfortable. Art deco is one of the most famous interior designs. It differs from all others by its luxurious look. In this article, we speak about furnishing a house in Art Deco style. 

Colorful paintings will become a great addition to the decor because they are in various styles, colors, and combine with anything. They are so fascinating and we want to consider them every time. We tell you about choosing a painting in the last article and it’s very easy to do. So if you want to make a great home design it is worth looking at the paintings. 

In 1920 people were doing restaurants and hotels in Art Deco style. It was helping people to forget about the horrors of war and remember that there is something good in the world. Art Deco was looking so beautiful that people were shocked. So this style is actually today and hasn’t gone anywhere. 

So how to furnish a house in Art Deco style?

  1. Don’t use too straight and even lines. It is a feature of minimalist style, but not of Art Deco. The floor at several levels is the most trendy. To make a winding staircase will be a great idea because it will save the spacious and looks incredible. Material for such a staircase may be an oak, a beech, or a pine. 
  1. You should avoid fluency. It is a feature of loft style, but not for Art Deco. We need strong geometric lines. You should use abstract forms instead of different patterns. There are round, square, triangular forms that are the most used in Art Deco. 
  1. First, you need to choose two main colors. For example, black and white. And then a few additional shades like purple and burgundy. This way an interior will look great!
  1. Art Deco style is impossible without beautiful huge mirrors in a wide gold frame, luxurious lamps, expensive paintings, and abstraction. Ethnic details are also very important, for example, African statuettes. 
  1. You should make a design in Art Deco style only in large apartments to create a look of spacious and beautiful rooms. If you have a little flat I recommend to put a lot of mirrors, make panoramic windows and add more lighting. If you can’t make it you should choose a minimalist style.

So you know not only how to distinguish Art Deco from all other styles, but how to furnish your house. Be happy!

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